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What volunteering means....

An event of this kind can only take place with hard work from our volunteers.

Help is needed with many tasks including setting up racks, inspecting items, stocking our sales floor, assisting customers, and breaking down after the sale. 

There are morning, afternoon, and evening  three hour shifts available.  We are willing to accomodate schedules if you need to split up your shift.  Just let us know.

It's fine to send another family member to work a shift for you.  Just send us a note so that we know who to expect. 



Benefits of Volunteering....

As a reward for your time, volunteers are able to shop early for both the regular priced sale and the half off sale.

Consignors will get their registration fee ($10) waived


Types of Positions...

Set up - This position often requires heavy lifting, carrying, and cleaning.  This is the Tuesday morning shift.


Drop offs - This position may require a lot of walking and attention to detail.   

Inspectors check the incoming merchandise for stains, rips, and tears

Stockers take the inspected items to hang on racks or stock on the tables/shelves

These are the Tuesday and Wednesday shifts


Organizing - Take similar items that have been dropped off and help us organize it in an easy to shop display.

If you like to organize things, the Thursday morning shift is for you


During the Sale - Our volunteers greet customers, assist customers with questions, help to keep the sales floor neat and organized, assist in bagging orders at check out

This postion is great for friendly and personable volunteers.  These shifts are Friday , Saturday, and Sunday morning and afternoon.


Breakdown - Our breakdown shift does rquire a lot of walking and ability to read small numbers. 

During this shift, we sort the floor merchandise into individual consignor piles

These shifts begin at 4:00 on Sunday


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