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The Seams New  Sale Consignor Packet Information

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The Seams New Sale uses an online registration process.  Please click on the Consignor Homepage link above to register.   


  Tag Preparation

Click on this link to prepare your tags for your items.  All tags will have barcodes. 

You will also be able to indicate whether or not you want to have your item discounted on the 1/2 off sale. 

The items that are not to be discounted are to be printed off in red ink. 

If you do not have a color printer, please use a pink highlighter to highlight your tag or circle price and description in red ink. 


                   *Tag Printing Tip*      


·         Don't "scale" the printing - Please do not use "shrink to fit" option, the barcode will be unscannable.

***Once you have printed your tags, you can not edit the price without printing a new tag.  The price is encoded in the barcode. 



    We do not accept the following items:

 Used underwear, stuffed animals unless battery operated, stained, extremely worn, or damaged clothing or shoes,

 recalled items, computer games, cds,VCR tapes, collectibles, adult clothing, maternity clothing

    Note: Please recheck all price cards for accuracy to ensure proper credit.  We are not held responsible for improperly prepared items.




     All prices should be on the dollar or half dollar (i.e. $3.00 or $3.50)

     Pricing your clothes- The best way to price your item, is to think about what you would pay for it. 

     Description- The more details you include, the better chance we have of finding lost tagged items. 

           Include the brand name and brief description of the item. 

          Please mark in the description “2-piece” for two-piece outfits

    Attach each price tag by using a safety pin or tagging gun, do not use straight pins.

          Tagging guns are quick and easy to use and can be inexpensively purchased on ebay if you are interested.

           If you are using a tagging gun, please do not tag through the front of the item as this will damage the clothing and then will be rejected at inspection. 

*NEW  *****  Please attach all tags (whether using pins or tagging guns) in shirts to the inside tag or where the tag usually is located (on the neck hemline)*****


    Please have all hangers facing the same direction, with the open end facing left like a question mark (?). 

                  If you are in need of hangers, please contact us and we can get some to you.


    Zip lock bags can be used to secure small toys.  Place the price tag on the inside of the zip lock bag and zip lock it shut. 

Tape over the seal is always a good idea too to keep little hands out.       

     We have proven time and time again that clothes sell better when hung please try to stay away from putting clothing items (other than socks, tights, hair accessories, etc) into baggies.  


    Shoes need to be tied together with the laces or placed in a zip lock bag.  The price card can be taped securely to the bottom of the shoe, safety pinned through the laces, or placed inside the zip lock bag.  There are no limits to the number of shoes that you can bring, HOWEVER we will be rejecting shoes that are not in almost new condition.  Please only bring your shoes that are in really nice condition.  We have found that even at very cheap prices, worn looking shoes do not sell. 

     If you are consigning pants that are larger than a size 8, please fold them over the hanger to prevent them from dragging on the ground.

     Please be sure DVDs are in their correct cases and that all games and puzzles include all of their pieces.

It is very frustrating for people to waste their money on games with missing pieces. 

     All consigned items must be clean and work properly. 


     We will be inspecting all items at drop-off, and we reserve the right to reject any item due to being out-of-date, unclean, stained or ripped. The unaccepted items will be returned to the consignor at time of drop off.  If the consignor chooses not to stay for drop off, the rejected items will be donated to charity.  Please allow this added time to your drop off appointment. 

 **Please do not be embarassed or discouraged if you have items that are rejected, the lights at the sale often show more than our house lights reveal.



      Drop offs by appointment - 

****These appointments are now made by the consignors online by clicking on the tab at the top of the page

     Clothing should be sorted by gender, then size, before check in.                                     

     We are asking that non-clothing items be put out on the showroom floor by the consignor while the clothing items are being inspected.

 Please no browsing during drop-offs. 


  Your commission check will be written for 60% of your total sales.  We will do our very best to make sure that you get your check at pickup.  If for some reason that is not possible, we will make other arrangements.  If you owe the consignor fee of $10, that amount will be deducted from your total earnings check.      



  At this time, consignors will pick up their checks and any unsold items.   Unless prior arrangements have been made, items not picked up by then will become property of The Seams New Kids Sale and donated to the charity of our choice.  If you are unable to pick up on this date, please notify us if someone else will be picking up your items in your place.  


NOTE:  The Seams New Sale reserves the right to reject any item (s) that does not meet the written requirements within this document.  Items will be removed throughout the sale if they are found to be stained, odorous, or damaged and available to pick up after the sale.  A good rule of thumb is…If you would not buy it yourself, leave it at home.  We are not held accountable for any item(s) that have been mistagged, damaged, stolen, lost, or destroyed in any way. 

Thank you for acting in accordance with these strict guidelines.  Strict guidelines are what make this sale successful. Our objective is to provide customers with the highest quality used children’s items at a fraction of the cost.  We try to present all shoppers with a well-organized sale, for a pleasant shopping experience.  We hope you enjoy and benefit from your experience with us.  We ask that if you like our sale, please spread the word to anyone that might be interested in participating in our sale.  We look forward to seeing all of you soon. 

       ---Marcy Khilji & Julie Szep

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